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A Chiefs Fan’s Mantra: A Look Back at the Playoffs


Photo Credit: Kansas City Star

Three days have passed since Arrowhead Stadium and Chiefs Kingdom witnessed another very Chiefsy playoff meltdown. What was the worst thing about this loss? Possibly Kareem Hunt carrying the ball only 11 times, or  Darrelle Revis’ bizarre lack of effort on two very important plays, or Chris Jones trying to play through a torn MCL or the NFL gifting referee Jeff Triplett a playoff game that he did not deserve and the subsequently blowing two or three very important calls.

Over the past three days, I have tried to answer this question and then I realized… the worst thing about this loss was how numb I felt towards the outcome. Let me explain.

I vaguely remember the playoff loss in 1997. I was 7 years old and I am all but certain I cried. Then again in 2003… I was 13 years old this time… after a 13-3 start and a first round loss to the Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning… I cried again.

2006 and 2010… at the Colts… then Ravens at home… pure disappointment. Surely, I was going to witness a Playoff win… Nope, just disappointment.

Now lets fast forward to 2012… the unequivocal most embarrassing time I can ever remember being a Chiefs fan. No, this wasn’t a playoff loss but it does set the stage for 2013.  The 2012 season was…. 2-14, Fire Pioli, Eric Winston ripping the fans, Calls for Ricky Stanzi… and Javon Belcher. I will never forget that season in the absolute worse way possible.

But then in 2013, the Chiefs hired Andy Reid and go 11-5 to make the playoffs… it felt like Chiefs Kingdom deserved a playoff win after the insufferable 2012. It was a good thought but nope… the Chiefs went into halftime of the wildcard game against Andrew Luck and the Colts up 38-10.  Then …  blew it. A 38-10 lead… and blew it. 38-10!! I was furious after that game. I remember sitting in my old bedroom at my parent’s house after watching the game with my dad and just feeling so angry. How could we possibly blow that game?

In 2015, we finally got a playoff win… it felt good but it was hard to get too excited about beating Brian Hoyer in Houston. We followed by going into New England and losing another heart breaker 20-27. I will never forgive Knile Davis for fumbling in the 2nd half. I was watching that game at PnL with some friends who traveled up from Wichita. After we lost, I probably didn’t say more than 5 words for at least an hour. Again… pure disappointment.

Last season… boy, do I remember last season. I was finally at Arrowhead for my very first playoff game. The Steelers were in KC and the stadium was electric. It still gets blood boiling to think about this game but you know what happen (cc: Eric Fisher). Again… anger. It was grit your teeth kind of anger.

Fast forward to last Saturday… we shuffled out of Arrowhead on Saturday with our heads down, neither my buddy Seth or I really saying a word. I don’t know about Seth but I was replaying all the other losses that I have seen in my 20 some years as a Chiefs fan. But this wasn’t like any of those losses, I didn’t feel sad… I didn’t feel angry…. I didn’t even feel disappointed. I just felt numb… it was really hard to even put into words. I even remember saying several times to Seth during the game… this isn’t going to happen again is it?

Then some guy walked by us on the way to my truck (I don’t really think it was intended for anyone just what was on his mind), he said the only thing that I can think of that sums up that numb feeling I was having. He said, “Same shit, different year.”




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