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The Weekly Chop: Bills Review & Jets Preview

By Weston Mills (@Wmills94)


I believe this picture is from last years playoff loss but I had to use it because it somehow captures exactly how I am feeling about the Chiefs. This season has been one of the most bizarre seasons I can remember as a Chiefs fan (2012 excluded). After week 5, I honestly had thoughts of “this team could really be good enough to actually win the Superbowl.” Fast forward to week 11 at approximately 3:23 p.m.  after a 16-10 loss to the Bills at home… AT HOME… and I was thinking “is this team even going to make the playoffs?”

But then again that’s the thing….the Chiefs are still in 1st place in the AFC West and are still 6-5. The NFL is weird isn’t it? I am fairly certain a majority of Chiefs fans have hit the panic button but yet this team is still in 1st in the West.

I am going things a little differently this week. Here are notes and thoughts from last week and today against the Jets:

— Naturally Chiefs fans have been calling for Pat Mahomes after a 2nd consecutive poor performance from Alex Smith. In my opinion this is a wasted conversation because its not going to happen. Andy Reid is NOT going pull the plug on Alex. Plus… there is too much unknown with Mahomes to expect that he can perform at higher an more consistent level than Alex Smith. Smith has not been great lately but we know he can perform at a very high level as he has more times than not this season.


— The offense has to figure out a way to beat cover 2 and more specifically the Tampa 2. All of a sudden it has really given this offense trouble. Apparently, according to some analysts, the problem has been with Alex Smith recognizing it is Cover 2 in pre-snap or after the ball is snapped. When you have, quite possibly, the best TE in football, you should be able to drop the ball into some windows in the zone.


— In quite possibly the most important pre-game news, Chris Mortensen has reported that Andy Reid is giving up play calling duties to OC Matt Nagy. I have been advocating this for a few weeks now. Let’s hope Nagy doesn’t forget in the 2nd half how good Kareem Hunt is at running the football.


— Reggie Ragland! I am all but certain that we have found our answer next to DJ. This is turning into an absolute home run trade by Brett Veach. While we are talking about the  defense, this unit has played much much better the last few weeks.


— Darrelle Revis is finally on the field for the Chiefs this week. I think he is really going to bring a nice boost to the secondary. It will be fun to watch him face his old team.

Just remember Chiefs Kingdom, the Chiefs are still in 1st place and this is the same group of players that beat the 10-1 Eagles, the 9-2 Patriots, and the Deshaun Watson led Texans. The talent hasn’t changed, adjustments just need to be made. Let’s hope that starts today in New York.







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Former Defensive End. Current Attorney. Sometimes NFL Contributor for The Dive 35.

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