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Chiefs Week 2 Preview: 3 Things to Watch

By: Weston Mills (@wmills94)

Philadelphia Eagles @ Kansas City Chiefs

When: September 17, 2017 at 12:00 p.m.

Where: Arrowhead Stadium


The Eagles, and second year QB Carson Wentz, will make the trip to Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday. This will be the young QB’s first time at Arrowhead Stadium and I fully expect Chiefs Kingdom to be as loud and rowdy as ever. Andy Reid’s former team is coming off a 30-17 week 1 victory over the Washington Redskins while the Chiefs shocked the nation by taking it to the Pats in New England. Here are my three things to watch this Sunday:

1) Travis Kelce

Killa Trav, as he calls himself on Instagram, is about to have a DAY. Just watch: 7+ receptions; 120+ yards receiving; and 1 TD. Come find me on Monday so that I can tell you I told you so. Why am I so confident in this? Well, I have a couple of reasons. First, after last week’s offensive showing by KC, the Eagles are not going to be able to double Kelce very often (if at all). Tyreek and Kareem Hunt have proven too dangerous to dedicate two guys to Kelce. Secondly, who is going to stop him? Malcolm Jenkins? Rodney McLeod? I don’t think so. The Eagles just don’t have the personnel to defend the uber athletic tight end. Expect Killa Trav to have a big day in front of the Red Sea at Arrowhead Stadium.

2) Eagles Defensive Game Plan

Last week against the Redskins, the Eagles brought pressure…. a lot of pressure. They brought extra pressure from the linebackers and the secondary. Eagles defensive coordinator, Jim Schwartz, is known for having a very aggressive defense. However,  it will be interesting to see what he does against the Chiefs as the short and quick passing game is the strength of Alex Smith and the Chiefs offense. I would expect to see Schwartz break his typical mold and bring a little less pressure. Otherwise, Alex is going to eat up the field 3… 4… 5… yards at time. Even if Schwartz dials back on his blitz packages, I would still expect to see Reid to call a couple of reverse/jet sweep options to Tyreek or De’Anthony Thomas to take a little aggressiveness out of the Eagles front 7.

3) Chiefs Secondary

Who is going to replace Eric Berry? It has been talked about constantly since EB went down in the 4th quarter of the game against the Patriots. Sunday we will get our first look at the post-Berry Chiefs secondary. I think we will see a fairly equal dose of Dirty Dan Sorenson and Eric Murray until one of them establishes himself as “the guy.” As we discussed in last week’s Chop, each guy has their particular strength and they will be used accordingly.  Also, keep your eye on Ron Parker. I fully expect him to take over some the play-making abilities that the Chiefs lost with EB out for the season.

Bonus: Travis Kelce touchdown dances.




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Former Defensive End. Current Attorney. Sometimes NFL Contributor for The Dive 35.

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