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A Kingdom Unsettled


By: Weston Mills, who you can follow on twitter here: @Wmills94

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I’m overly busy at work for one month and all of sudden the Chiefs decide to create more drama than an episode of the Jersey Shore. Now, I know you are probably shocked that I have a day job and don’t solely blog for The Dive 35 but turns out upper management (cc: Colin Chiles) isn’t paying out any big contracts yet. Back to football…

The big news out of Chiefs Kingdom came in two parts. First, news broke Thursday that “Big Red” Andy Reid extended his contract to remain in Kansas City through 2021. I don’t think there were very many people in Kansas City that were not excited to keep the Future Hall of Famer coaching the Chiefs for five more seasons. The Chiefs are 43-21 since Big Red came to town and Coach Reid is tied for 11th all time in career wins. He is only 27 wins shy of 200. While he may not have a Superbowl to his name, the man knows how to win. This was great news out of Chiefs Kingdom. …and then…

Not more than a hour (if that) later, news broke the Chiefs would not be extending General Manager John Dorsey after 2017 and, in turn, had mutually decided to part ways effective immediately. As excited as everyone was that Reid was extended, I think they were equally as shocked that Dorsey was being let go. As I just mentioned, the Chiefs were 43-21 since Dorsey and Reid came to town. That is REALLY good football. Also, Dorsey JUST drafted the quarterback of the future for the organization. Also also, the Chiefs had just let their Director of Football Operations, Chris Ballard, leave to become the GM of the Indianapolis Colts. How did this make any sense? I have some thoughts.

First of all, as I am sure you are aware, the Chiefs had just recently cut their No. 1 WR, Jeremy Maclin (which may have been just as much of a head scratcher initially as Dorsey). There have been a lot of rumors going around that the decision to cut Maclin was, in part, due to the Chiefs horrendous salary cap situation. According to spotrac, the Chiefs are about $12 million over the cap in 2018 and that is after the release of Maclin. It is very well known that Reid has a  close relationship with Maclin. Reid coached him in Philly and even cost the Chiefs two draft picks to bring him to KC when it was determined that Reid was “tampering” or texting Maclin. After his release, Maclin stated that he was told about his release from the Chiefs by a voicemail from Dorsey. Not a good look.

Side note: there were additional rumors that the relationship between Dorsey and Eric Berry, during contract negotiations, got so bad that Reid and Clark Hunt had to personally get involved to keep Berry in KC.

Apparently, Hunt was very upset about the way Maclin was released and the subsequent bad press. Most of what is being reported is that Dorsey and Hunt had been butting heads for awhile and that it was Hunt’s decision alone to let him go. However, I just don’t believe Reid, whether directly or indirectly, had nothing to do with this. Regardless, I absolutely think that the Maclin move was the final straw for both Hunt and Reid with Dorsey. Nothing eventful happened after the draft until Maclin was cut. If this move wasn’t related to Maclin, Hunt would have wanted to get a new General Manager in before the draft.

Ultimately, at this point, why it happened does not matter. It happened and now we need to figure out what it means for Chiefs Kingdom. I truly believe it means very little. Don’t get me wrong, I think Dorsey was a great talent evaluator and overall a pretty dang good G.M. but I think that Reid had a big hand in Dorsey’s success. Also, I think the Chiefs are going to promote from within and maintain the same strategy and success with minimal disruption to the operation. Brett Veach, Co-Director of Player Personnel, has been a hot name for the Bills G.M. opening but I would be shocked if the Chiefs don’t name him G.M. Veach is very well respected in NFL circles and was even with Coach Reid in Philly. I am sure Clark Hunt will do his due diligence finding a new G.M. but I would be surprised if the choice is not Brett Veach. I think it will be a fairly quick decision and then we can get back to the important things like discussing Travis Kelce’s fashion choices.




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Former Defensive End. Current Attorney. Sometimes NFL Contributor for The Dive 35.

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