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Seattle Seahawks v Kansas City Chiefs


By: Weston Mills, who you can follow on twitter here: @WMills94


This week Roger Goodell announced that celebrations are back! The NFL has finally decided to stop being the crotchety old man who yells, “Act like you’ve been there!” every time someone celebrates in the end zone and then goes on to remind you that Barry Sanders just simply handed the ball to the ref.

The NFL loosened its collar a bit and adopted a rule change that will allow players to use the ball as a prop, go the ground to celebrate, and participate in group celebrations. T.O. and Ocho Cinco are planning comebacks as I write this!

In honor of this big announcement, The Dive 35 decided to count down the Top 10 football celebrations of all time.

Side note: the NFL is still the No Fun League and disabled the ability for these videos to played on our site. So, unfortunately, you may have to click on the actual YouTube link for some of the videos.


10. Jared Allen – Calf Ropin’

Alright, I know what you are thinking, “Man, I miss Jared Allen’s mullet.” Me too.

But seriously, Jared Allen calf ropin’ quarterbacks was everything you would expect from a mullet wearing maniac and apparently incredibly unsportsmanlike because he put his knee to the ground. Jared, if are reading this, its time for you (and your mullet) to make a come back and do some Quarterback Calf Ropin’ one more time.


9. Antonio Brown – Twerk

Twerking in the club = overrated

Twerking in the end zone = underrated

Unfortunately for AB, sexual gestures are still unsportsmanlike… because, you know, the kids don’t need be learning about twerking from the NFL. Save that for the Miley Cyrus.


8. Travis Kelce  – The Nature Boy Ric Flair


I fully expect Kelce to provide us with some high quality celebrations this year!


7. Terrell Owens – Popcorn

“Get your popcorn ready!”

Side note: T.O. and Ocho Cinco might be solely responsible for the NFL cracking down on celebrations. I guess you can consider me Team T.O. because I was never really impressed with Ocho Cinco’s celebrations.


6. T.O. – Sharpie

Well, I could only find one good video and it’s one where you’ll have to click the link. However, I couldn’t leave out one of the most cocky celebrations of all time. Planting a sharpie in his sock… genius! I know I wasn’t the only kid growing up who caught a ball in the backyard and then fake signed it!


5. Winnepeg Blue Bombers – Duck Duck Goose

The CFL makes an appearance! Who would’ve thought our friendly neighbors to the north could be so unsportsmanlike?

Also, did you know that in Canada they call it Duck Duck Grey Duck? At least that is what I have been told they call it in Minnesota and as far as I’m concerned, it’s pretty much the same thing.


4. Randy Moss – Moon

Shoot the moon, Randy. Shoot the moon!

Bonus: Joe Buck hates unsportsmanlike behavior. Joe Buck hates fun. We still hate Joe Buck.


3. Peewee Football Player – Sprinkler

The Dive 35 has already mocked this kid as the first overall pick in the 2030 NFL Draft. If the XFL ever makes a comeback, he will probably forego the NFL and go straight to the XFL.

Also, there is no doubt in mind that he holds hands with girls at recess.


2. Joe Horn – Cell Phone

I never could figure out who Joe Horn was calling. If Joe Horn was playing today he would probably pull the cell phone out from under the goalpost and just send that person a bitmoji instead.


1. Marshawn Lynch – “Hold Mah….”

What elevates this one is the fact that this happened on a bigger stage in the playoffs, and the Seahawks were pretty significant underdogs due to their 7-9 record.

Just click play and enjoy one of the best runs and best celebrations of all time.


Hopefully with the rules a little more lax, we’ll be able to add to this list this year!






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Former Defensive End. Current Attorney. Sometimes NFL Contributor for The Dive 35.

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