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So We Took a QB: A Look Back and a Look Forward

Patrick Mahomes

By: Weston Mills, who you can follow on twitter here: @Wmills94

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1st Round Summary: Patrick Mahomes II

Well, I called it… kind of. I predicted that KC would take Mahomes but I most definitely did not expect them to move up to #10 to take him. Yesterday, there were several reports that Kansas City was looking to move up to take the QB that they wanted. I assumed that meant that they would be willing to move up from 27 to maybe 20-24 to get in front of the Texans. They gave up their 1st and 3rd round picks this year and their 1st next year. Let me remind you that the Chiefs have not taken a 1st round QB since 1983 so this is a big deal.  With that perspective, it’s clear how highly they value Mahomes. However, it seems that some Chiefs fans were upset that they did not take DeShaun Watson. I’ll be honest, I thought that might be the reason they moved all the way to #10. That was not the case. And Mahomes was their guy!

The more I thought it about it, the more I love this pick. As we discussed, Mahomes has a laser rocket arm and he is coming into the League with the ability to make throws that many starting QBs cannot.  The biggest knock on Mahomes is that he comes from an air-raid offense that does not cleanly translate to the NFL. I’m here to tell you that this criticism is flawed. The Chiefs did not draft Mahomes because of his college stats. They drafted him because of the types of throws that he has shown he can make. Watch film on this guy, or hell even just his highlights, and you will see him make throws that very few humans could possibly make. He does have mechanical flaws but with his raw talent, his ceiling is extremely high. Look, I will be the first to admit that arm strength does not automatically make a good quarterback but when you consider Mahomes’s arm strength and accuracy (65% completion rate last year) and combine it with the coaching of Andy Reid and Alex Smith, I feel very confident about his ability to become a pro-bowl caliber quarterback.

If nothing else will convince you that Mahomes was a good pick, I will leave you with this:

*2018 Chiefs Huddle*

Patrick Mahomes: “Hey Tyreek…”

Ty Hill: “Yeah…?”

Mahomes: “Go long.”

Ty: “Bet.”


Day 2 Preview

Round 2 and 3 of the NFL Draft starts tonight 6:00 pm (CST). As you now know, Kansas City gave up their 3rd round pick for Patrick Mahomes. Luckily, they had gained an additional compensatory 3rd round pick so they will still have a pick in both rounds tonight. Who will they be targeting? Let’s take a look:

Even though Dorsey believes in the “best player available” draft strategy, I see three positions should be addressed with today’s two picks: running back, cornerback, and inside linebacker.  My expectations is that KC will take the best player available at any of these positions. If you read The Dive 35 NFL Mock Draft you know that I mocked KC taking Sidney Jones out of Washington when Mahomes was already off the board. I think there is a chance that he is still available at 59 and that would be my dream scenario.  Below are a few top players available the Chiefs may be targeting and also my predictions for both picks.

Cornerbacks: Sidney Jones (Washington); Teez Tabor (Florida); Quincy Wilson (Florida); Chidobe Awuzie (Colorado); Fabian Moreau (UCLA)

Runningback: Alvin Kamara (Tennessee); Brian Hill (Wyoming); Joe Mixon (Oklahoma)

Inside Linebacker: Zach Cunningham (Vandy); Kendell Beckwith (LSU)

Two Scenarios

Pick 59 (Rd 2): Sidney Jones, CB (Washington)

Pick 104 (Rd 3): Brian Hill, RB (Wyoming)


Pick 59 (Rd 2): Alvin Kamara, RB (Tennessee)

Pick 104: Fabian Moreau, CB (UCLA)




One thought on “So We Took a QB: A Look Back and a Look Forward Leave a comment

  1. Getting a early round RBis not high on my board. Would rather see the other two get filled and bring in a RB with a late round. Spencer ware is the work horse.


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