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A Raider’s Response to Weston and Chiefs Fans

By: Jon Brogan, Raiders fan, who you can yell at on twitter here: @JayhawkPride13


Have you ever had a friend come to you and say “I just got a text from my ex last night. We’re getting drinks tomorrow night. She’s totally different than before!” and you just know it won’t end well? That’s how I felt watching the NFL Draft last night. The Bears, Chiefs, and Texans traded up to pick QBs even though that has rarely, if ever, produced a winning formula. Well now replace the friend in this situation with an enemy, and that’s what I thought about the Chiefs trading for Patrick Mahomes II.

I should mention a little bit of information about myself: I’m a diehard Oakland/Los Angeles/Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders fan. So keep that in mind when reading my following paragraphs.

After hearing about the pick, I laughed. It was a great thing to see your rival do and I’ve already started making plans for future playoff appearances. What drove me to the edge of sanity and forced me to respond, was the response that followed on this incredible up and coming site, TheDive35. They made a poor trade to pick a raw QB in front of a polished one, and somehow this homer says it’s a good decision? But then I remembered that this guy takes part in the lamest NFL tradition of all: doing a tomahawk chop like 4,000 times every Sunday while belting out stereotypical Native American noises. I want to note that they’re 1-9 in playoff games since 1994, so it’s hard to be rational in that environment. I own a Jerry Porter Raiders jersey so trust me, I’ve been there.

My issue is why this made sense for the current Kansas City Chiefs roster and why they had to give up draft picks for him. Like Weston said, he is a RAW talent. The mechanics are not there and neither is the understanding of an NFL offense. There is currently only one NFL starting quarterback from the Big 12 (Sam Bradford) so he’s already at a disadvantage when it comes to learning a NFL offense. Even if he becomes a good QB, it will take a few years of developing those skills by riding the pine and making mistakes in game action. If the Chiefs are still contending for titles, will they let him make those mistakes? ….. If it’s going to take years, are we sure the Chiefs will even be good 3-4 years down the road? This team could look a lot different at that point. Some of the older star veterans like Derrick Johnson and Tamba Hali are currently on the downward slopes of their careers and won’t last much longer in the league. A lot of the young talent on the team are on rookie salaries and will be due for large salary increases in a few years. Guys like Marcus Peters and Tyreke Hill will be making much more than the $3.1 million they’re set to make in 2017 combined. That makes it hard to keep this team intact while being able to replace Tamba and still stay under the salary cap. You know what teams need to do that? Draft picks. You know what you just got rid of? Draft picks. Patrick Mahomes may become great, but if he does it will be three years too late for this franchise.

Thanks Weston for the laughs. I have been in awe of what the Chiefs have been able to accomplish these last few years. They have been a model to follow for teams that want to have success in the NFL. Then in a 24 hour period, they went from a model, to Rosie O’Donnell…. that rhymes! Didn’t even plan that! …… Well there’s one thing I think we can agree on. At least your quarterback of the future is not Paxton Lynch!




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