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Week 2 Review


Some more quick hitters for you from the week…

Wardell Stephen Curry II hit 13 threes Monday night vs the Pelicans on his way to 46 points and the record for most threes in an NBA game. This is an interesting one for me… how many times will Steph break that record? And how high can he take it? Would it surprise you if at the end of his career the record was now 18 threes? Can’t you see a 37 year old Steph, towards the end of his career in a throwback game going for 20 threes? In this scenario he’s finally playing for his hometown Charlotte Warthogs.

Come with me to the future for a second….

The year is 2025. The Charlotte Hornets have become the Charlotte Warthogs in an attempt to lure Steph with their brilliant pitch “Yo Steph, look at this dope Warthog”. Steph is all about it. He literally cannot contain his excitement. He signs and not only does he play for Charlotte, they vote him in as mayor. Don’t worry, Ayesha loves it too, she has her own super popular, niche restaurant called Ayesha’s Quiches (say it out loud, you’ll love it). Even Riley Curry is feeling North Carolina as she becomes the most popular kid in her class, even though she’s weirdly terrible at every sport she plays.

Back to the present….

But really. It will be fun to see how high he takes that record and whether anyone will be able to chase him up that ladder.

OKC is 6-1. They’ve played a fairly cupcake schedule, although they do have a really good road win at the Clippers. I still don’t see their ceiling any higher than the 5 or 6 seed in the west, but 6-1 is a great start for a team that had many people wondering (myself included) if they’d miss the playoffs. Also worth noting: they won Monday night at home vs Miami by 12 and Westbrook only scored 14 points

Speaking of their only loss…

I could not have been more wrong last week in my prediction that the Warriors would lose to both Portland and OKC. Both teams got annihilated. Then, just to spite me, the Warriors went and lost to the Lakers on Friday night. But this gave me an idea. I’m going to start a running prediction each week of when the Warriors and Cavs will lose next. I’ll look foolish 9 times out of 10 and we’ll all have loads of fun. For example:

Next Warriors loss will be: At Milwaukee on November 19

Next/first loss for the currently undefeated Cavs: At Indiana on November 16

I’ll keep it posted until these games happen and keep track of my record throughout the season.


Who’s small sample size theatre numbers impress you the most?

James Harden – 31.6 PPG 12.7 APG 7.1 RPG on 50% from the floor, Rockets are 4-3 and he also did this this week.

Russell Westbrook – 30.4 PPG 9.9 APG 8.4 RPG on 43% from the floor OKC is 6-1

Anthony Davis – 30.4 PPG 2.9 BPG 12 RPG on 48% from the floor Pelicans are 0-7

Joel Embiid – 17.6 PPG 2.6 BPG 6.8 RPG in only 21.4 minutes a game Sixers are 0-6


The Lakers are fun? I think the Lakers are fun. They’re 3rd in scoring, a surprising early 4-3 and have 5 guys scoring between 13 and 16 points that shoot a collective 45%. Three of those guys are 24 or younger.

Giannis has looked good at point so far and the Bucks have managed an early 4-3 record despite still being without one of their best players in Khris Middleton.

Kay Felder has still only played 5 minutes a game. I’ll keep you posted on that as well, no matter if I’m completely wrong or complete right about him having a surprisingly good year.



Lastly this week, I’ve come up with yet another thing I want to track throughout the year. I’m still working on proper title for this but I want to find the guys in both NBA and college who play the most minutes, put up the most shots and get the fewest assists. The following highly scientific formula will determine the leaderboard: minutes + field goal attempts / assists. I thought of this after being reminded of Hasaan Whiteside’s truly inspring 2015-16 campaign where he played 2125 minutes, put up 682 shots and dished out a blistering 30 assists. This gives him a score of 93.6. I plan to track this in both college and NBA. The current NBA leader board looks a little wonky because we haven’t played enough games but right now it like this:
Serge Ibaka – 277 (he’s only got 1 assist. Obviously IF he gets a second assist this year, his score will decrease dramatically)

Enes Kanter – 97 (just 2 assists on the year)

J.J. Redick – 85 (3 assists)

Ryan Anderson – 75.25 (4 assists on the year so far, jeez cool it Steve Nash)

Clint Capela – 72 (3 assists)


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