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Week One Quick Hitters


Rather than consistently post 1500+ word articles, I want to occasionally play with a few different formats. Sometimes ideas aren’t worth an entire column. Sometimes they’re not even worth a section of a column. Sometimes an idea is only a couple of sentences long, while still being interesting and noteworthy. The quick hitter column is going to be an attempt at just that. It’ll be random observations and predictions again, probably mostly about the NBA but not always. So. Without further ado,

  • James Harden had 14 assists in his first game against the Lakers. Their defense has been as atrocious as advertised, but that offense is going to be really good.
  • Get your shots in while you can, Golden State is going to take a little time before they figure things out, just like the Miami Heat did. I say they lose back-to-back games this week. First on Tuesday in Portland and then Thursday in what is must see TV, at home vs OKC. Westbrook texted me this morning and told me he is going to try and dunk on every single Golden State player, coach, employee, fan and he plans on eating nothing but Doritos for two days and then taking a shit in the bay after the game is over.
  • My theory is that J. R. Smith was holding out on his Cavs contract negotiations before the season started because he was trying to work him being allowed to play shirtless into his contract.
  • The Indiana Pacers have had one top 10 pick since #2 overall pick Rik Smits in 1988, but they’ve still managed to draft the following players in the past 11 years:
    • 2005 17th pick Danny Granger
    • 2008 17th pick Roy Hibbert
    • 2010 10th pick Paul George
    • 2010 40th pick Lance Stevenson
    • 2015 11th pick Myles Turner

I know three of those guys were only legitimate NBA players while with the Pacers and for shorter amounts of time, but Granger, Hibbert and Stevenson were all really good for the Pacers. It obviously looks better if Turner continues to look as good as he does. Also worth mentioning: Reggie Miller was taken 11th in 1987

  • Prediction: Kay Felder (Cavs rookie backup point guard) will average more than 15 combined points and assists this year. That might not sound like much but he’s only played 5 minutes this season so far, so I think you have to give me that one.
  • Prediction: At some point in our lifetime, college soccer will be bigger than college football.
  • Jojo Embiid has looked really skilled so far. It’s super early, but just to throw a little water on the fire, his defense has been shaky at best and he’s holding the ball more than I’d like on offense. Don’t hesitate, make a move and go. Buuuut again, he’s only played 2 professional games ever.
  • Prediction: The Nuggets will trade Danilo Galliinari to a playoff team at the deadline and he’ll have some big playoff games for somebody. (Celtics maybe?)
  • Prediction: Derek Rose, Joakim Noah and Kyrie Irving will play a combined 100 games this year.
  • Something about Westbrook’s new commercial tells me he feels like he can do what he wants now. (this presumably includes taking a shit into the bay)
  • The midrange shot is dying but there are still a few guys who can thrive at it. Al Horford, Dirk, DeMar Derozan, LaMarcus Aldrige, and Evan Turner, just to name a few.
  • We forgot about Anthony Davis, and he isn’t pleased. It’s small sample theatre but his numbers so far are wow.
  • Dwyane Wade doesn’t shoot threes now, just stop with that. I know I supported Marc Gasol’s attempt at it but the difference is that Wade has been shooting them his entire career (more than 1300), and for his entire career, he’s sucked at it (28.6%).

That’s all I have for now! I have another column in the works but I’m waiting on the World Series to finish because it might shape how I write it…


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